Free CSS Template or Do it Yourself?

On June 8, 2011 · 0 Comments

When you are making your own website, you have two choices for the layout. You can either choose a free CSS template or pay for one. You can choose to do all of the programming yourself with HTML. There are pros and cons to choosing either of them.

The benefit of opting for a CSS theme is that it means you can spend more time on the actual website rather than the design framework. You can set out grids that you can use over and over again, no matter how many websites you have. However, this easy piece of work will only happen if you are using it correctly.

If you use the CSS themes wrong then you can find that it will take you much longer to do the design work. You can also make changes to themes that are already made but this can take a long time to work out what you need to change and to find out whether it is completely working.

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