The Green Greengeeks Review

On April 19, 2011 · 0 Comments

Greengeeks advertise themselves as the number one green eco-friendly webhosting provider. This green greengeeks review will look at how green this webhosting provider really is.

According to the greengeeks CEO, Trey Gardner, unless the web hosting industry makes changes to becoming more eco-friendly, by 2020 the industry could have the same pollution contribution rate as the airline industry.

So how is greengeeks green? Greengeeks is powered by the national grid in the same way that most industries are. This enables them to maintain a constant power source and prevents service interruption through lack of electricity, such as could be expected if running solely on wind or solar power. However, to make greengeeks green, the company purchases wind energy credits – with one credit representing one megawatt-hour of electricity from renewable sources – from the producers of sustainable energy. The proceeds of selling green credits are used to offset the higher costs of generating energy from sustainable sources than traditional sources such as burning fossil fuels.

In fact, greengeeks replace 3 times more energy than they use.

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