How Offering a Hostgator Discount Has Helped Their Success

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One of the ways that Host Gator has been able to gain so many clients has been by offering a Hostgator discount.  In the beginning these discounts offered twenty five percent off of the amount of money that one would be spending on the services.  They were only offered to the resellers, however.  Today they are frequently offered to anyone, regardless of the type of package that they are purchasing.

There are so many different packages that are offered.  These include specialized choices for web hosting and the services that are associated with hosting.  In addition there are options available for resellers and VPS as well.  The last choice type is dedicated server hosting.  Some of the services are billed by the year and paid one year in advance.  Other services are billed on a monthly basis.  Most of the choices that are available annually are also available monthly, but those that are only available monthly are not available annually.

If you are going to be reselling and you want to save the most money with your discount then you need to consider paying for two years in advance.  This offers the fullest possible savings that you can get.  There are a variety of coupon codes that you can find in order to be able to take advantage of the discounts.  You can find the one that you want on a specialized site or perhaps get one through the company itself.  This is a great way for you to strategize how you can make the most money for yourself through your online business.

If you are not familiar you should probably consider some different things like what exactly reseller hosting includes.  In short, it is when you choose to share a website with the hosting service so that you can get the same services for those people who are allowing you to build their websites.  You will be able to save money and offer the best possible services without having to do the full amount of work.  If you want to get the most possible customers then you will want to offer additional services that will set you apart from your competitors.

There are a ton of different options for you if you are interested in becoming a reseller so that you can easily have higher levels of sales.  Today there are many different choices for you with web hosting, but one of the reasons that more people choose to go with this option is a discount through Host Gator.  This is available to anyone who is interested in using the services, which means that you can get your hosting needs met while being able to save money at the same time.  Best of all you are getting the full range of services for less money, which is not always what happens with other organizations when you choose to use their discounted services, which are very often inferior services.  This means that it is one of the greatest available options for you if you are searching for the different choices available; all you have to do to realize this, is to start looking.

MySQL and PHP Hosting

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MySQL is a popular database management program, allowing users to organize and arrange their data into an easily accessible visual format while using PHP hosting. The user has the ability to establish several automated functions within the program with one of its main features being the trigger function. Database triggers are activated when certain events occur within the program, causing it to respond accordingly by modifying the database to coincide with new or configured data. MySQL also supports VARCHARS, which is character data that is set to an indeterminate length. This common feature in many database programs has varying limits, with MySQL accommodating for over 65 thousand bytes of data.

MySQL also provides multiple storage systems, with the ability to allocate specific storage spaces for each designated table. It also supports partitioning, which allows for enhanced speed and performance when handling large database systems. This is achieved by splitting up the database into smaller sections, allowing for more precise management work when modifying data, figures and other associated information.

About Free WP Themes

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WordPress is a popular place to go so that you can make your own blog or website. Even if you want to host your website through or make your own through, there is a variety of free WP themes available to use.

These themes will differ between the paid and free versions but there is a wide selection even when you do not want to pay anything. These themes are also updated on a regular basis and you are able to change them any time you want; this can help you to keep your website looking up to date and new.

You can use themes that will give you a professional look or opt for themes that offer a fun style, especially if you do have a personal blog. You can also link your writing to the theme that you choose; there is a book theme if you want to write reviews or you could opt for a nature theme if you are a gardener.

Free CSS Template or Do it Yourself?

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When you are making your own website, you have two choices for the layout. You can either choose a free CSS template or pay for one. You can choose to do all of the programming yourself with HTML. There are pros and cons to choosing either of them.

The benefit of opting for a CSS theme is that it means you can spend more time on the actual website rather than the design framework. You can set out grids that you can use over and over again, no matter how many websites you have. However, this easy piece of work will only happen if you are using it correctly.

If you use the CSS themes wrong then you can find that it will take you much longer to do the design work. You can also make changes to themes that are already made but this can take a long time to work out what you need to change and to find out whether it is completely working.

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The Green Greengeeks Review

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Greengeeks advertise themselves as the number one green eco-friendly webhosting provider. This green greengeeks review will look at how green this webhosting provider really is.

According to the greengeeks CEO, Trey Gardner, unless the web hosting industry makes changes to becoming more eco-friendly, by 2020 the industry could have the same pollution contribution rate as the airline industry.

So how is greengeeks green? Greengeeks is powered by the national grid in the same way that most industries are. This enables them to maintain a constant power source and prevents service interruption through lack of electricity, such as could be expected if running solely on wind or solar power. However, to make greengeeks green, the company purchases wind energy credits – with one credit representing one megawatt-hour of electricity from renewable sources – from the producers of sustainable energy. The proceeds of selling green credits are used to offset the higher costs of generating energy from sustainable sources than traditional sources such as burning fossil fuels.

In fact, greengeeks replace 3 times more energy than they use.

Security in WordPress Hosting

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Once you have an idea for a great blog, have secured WordPress hosting, and started working on your site, how can you be sure that nobody is going to get into your information? Hackers can be a real problem. They can steal your information or, worse yet, hijack your site, putting up their own. After putting hours or days into your site it can be frustrating to find all your work is gone next time you sign in.

There are many ways to make sure your WordPress site is secure. If your hosting offers an automatic backup of data, you can use the backup data to restore your site. You should also always keep your WordPress program updated. Updated versions will have more security measures as programmers learn more about how people are using the program and what weaknesses there are in security. Also always use a password that is hard to guess. Do not use common words such as your pet’s name. Use a combination of capital and lower case letters combined with numbers and symbols if possible.


The Current Hostgator Coupon Codes

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There are three main hostgator coupon codes currently available on the Internet.

The SPRING coupon is available through the official hostgator website and entitles the user to a 20% discount off any hostgator hosting plan. This discount is applicable only to the initial order invoice and applies to each month the initial contract order covers. Therefore, if the initial contract order is for a twelve-month term of contract, then the 20% will be given on each of the twelve months. However, if you apply for an initial six-month contract and then renew for a further six months, the discount will only be applied to the first six months. For the best financial savings with this coupon code, the longer the initial contract ordered, the more money will be saved over time. However, there is a discount limit of $590 to this offer.

The second hostgator coupon code is called hgc25, which entitles the use to receive the Baby and Hatchling hosting packages for one cent.

Finally, monthfreenow, will also entitle the user to receive the first month of their hostgator server contract at $0.01.

Consider the Size of Your Company for Business Web Hosting

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It is very important to check that a business web hosting company is able to offer you everything that you need for your business to start off and grow. A big disadvantage with many companies is that they will offer so many extras to run your business smoothly that they will not be able to offer you everything that you need to be able to let your business grow as much as you need it to.

Not all will be able to offer the unlimited e-mail addresses or disk space that a basic plan is able to offer and you will need to make the decision over whether this is something that you need. If you are a small business and know that you will always stay small, this may not be a problem for you. However, if you know that you want your business to grow at some point in time and possibly open different branches, you will need to look elsewhere or consider a different type of hosting.

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Free Drupal Themes – The Advantages

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The benefit of opting for the use of a content management system is that they are free and are able to offer themes, also known as templates, to use. There are many benefits in opting for free Drupal themes rather than attempting to make your own or asking someone else to do it for you.

The main benefit is that there is no need to learn about HTML coding and how to create CSS. This can mean that you will be able to create a website by yourself without any knowledge. Drupal is a little more difficult if you do not have some experience but it is still possible.

The themes will be able to match your website needs, whether you are looking for a personal website or you want something that is able to offer you a business design. These websites can be made quickly and exactly as you want them to look. You can also change colors and templates often to change the style of your website.

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Use Videos to Promote Your Cheap Hosting Websites

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No matter how good your cheap hosting website is, you will still need to learn the correct ways of marketing so that you benefit from its use. You want people to know about your business so that you gain the traffic and the income that you are dreaming of.

One of the best ways to market is through video marketing. YouTube is extremely popular all around the world and you can set up an account that is dedicated to your business, while still running your personal account. It will give your company a good reputation by doing it through its own account.

You can upload any videos that you want but the best thing about this type of marketing is that you can show off the products and services that you will be offering through your website.  Also, continually offer the link to the website so that people can check it out.

Due to video marketing being on the web, it means that people can check it out instantly rather than having to remember what they were going to do.